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Persistent Perimeter Protection  immediate threat detection, identification, verification and mitigation 

Wide Area Surveillance & Protection (WASP)

WASP Solutions Overview

The WASP solutions provides an integrated layered surveillance and protection capability which sets up a persistent protective electronic virtual barrier and alarm zone areas (AZA) around and within critical locations to rapidly detect, verify and counter unauthorised entry of intrudes, vehicles, boats and drones.


The system delivers a high degree of assurance and resilience against barrier/AZA beach in all weather, day and night conditions, automatically detecting, verifying and deploying countermeasure against an approaching threat.  The system automatically sends out alerts to security assets, initiates self-protection measures and deploys effectors to disrupt and deter entry into the critical location.  

The WASP solutions utilise a range of detection sensors which include solid state high resolution 2D / 3D perimeter radars, cameras, seismic, passive infra-red and acoustics systems.


The WASP solutions can be either installed on fixed masts, vehicles, and maritime vessels or rapidly deployed on tripods and trailers.  The WASP solutions include interfaces to a wired network, a self-managed mobile wireless MESH network and if needed connectivity via satellite communication (SATCOM) gateway to a local, mobile or remote security controllers.   

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