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VIP & Asset Protection

Security and Protection 


Keeping safe VIPs and high value assets is a complex security and protection problem. Planning and risk mitigation measures have to be reviewed continuously to ensure the safety of VIPs and their families in residences.

In general, VIP residences are very difficult to secure due to their large perimeters, multiple access points with the constant movement of personnel and vehicles.  This makes it much easier for criminal and terrorists to gain access via locations that are not continuous patrolled or monitored by CCTV.

Threats to VIP security come from easily breached perimeters, multiple access points and the lack of complete surveillance and detection in all weather conditions, 24/7.  Additional risks include intruders waiting just outside the CCTV surveillance perimeter range ready to breach security when an opportunity arises.



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SYMCON WASP solutions have been designed to enhance existing security monitoring systems to protect large residences

WASP provides a continuous surveillance capability  by setting up a virtual electronic fence around a residence boundary as well as selective zonal area surveillance within the residence to discriminate between areas VIPs are allowed, Security only and Public areas.  The security operators can allocated attributes to each zonal area which include geolocation, active zone alarm schedules and authorised personnel entry monitoring. 

WASP utilises a range of Radars, PIRs, seismic and acoustic sensors which will continuous monitor the perimeter boundary and all zonal areas.  The system automatically detects, identifies and alerts the the security operator of a threat.  It automatically initiates countermeasures and alerts deployed security assets, via a mobile application, the continuous real-time position of the threat on a map with intruder video and two-way messaging to the control room.

WASP continuously records all detection information, video and operator instruction and provides tools to enable real-time rapid intelligence and video analysis to pre-empt and stop potential threats.  All system information is recorded and available to pass on to security services and to support legal prosecutions.

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