Concept of Operations

Radar middle.png

W.A.S.P Mobile provides persistent surveillance for moving platforms.


W.A.S.P Mobile can detect intrudes on railway lines, moving vehicles and approaching drones.

W.A.S.P command system can automatically initiates drone protection measures and automatically deploy effectors to mitigate possible threats.

W.A.S.P Mobile yacht protects individuals and their privacy by providing early warning of approaching drones.


W.A.S.P provides drone control datalink and video jamming options to disrupt and mitigate possible drone threats



The W.A.S.P system uses a range of detection sensors including 2-D/3-D electronically scanned Radars, Electronic Support Measures, and seismic/acoustics to detect intruders, drones, aircraft, vehicles and maritime platforms. The WASP system also uses applications such as Video Motion Detection to enhance the WASP detection capability.

The W.A.S.P system uses Multi Sensor Fusion (MSF) techniques to correlate all sensors information to track, identify and classify detected targets.  The WASP system automatically slew-to-track available cameras to provide the operator real-time video verification of the detected target.  The operator can then select the best counter to neutralise the approaching  threat.