W.A.S.P Drone Protect Performance

The W.A.S.P Drone Protect system primary sensor is the SYMCON SR-5000 radar, a 360o, 3D, X-band, Pulse-Doppler very short range air defense radar system. The radar is capable of detecting small radar cross-section unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) / drones up to 5km away. The radar can automatically initiate and track up 120 targets simultaneously from different directions/altitudes.  The WASP C2 system provides a camera slew-to-track function of any radar track detected enable the operator to verify an approaching drone before deploying an RF jamming effector.


The SYMCON SJ-1500 RF/GNSS jamming system with an Omni-antenna enables area wide jamming in the event of multiple UAV/drone threat detections.  A directional jammer antenna is also available for selective jamming in restricted operational areas. The WASP Drone Protect C2 system comes with pre-programmed automatic responses which can identify and initiate RF & GNSS jamming within 4 seconds of a detected UAV/drone threat. 

drone performance.png
screen shot.png