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FAA reports of drones and unmanned aircraft sightings have increased dramatically over the past two years receiving more than 100 such reports each month


Readily available drones and commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can be hazardous to fast-moving aircraft especially during take-off and land phases.  The potential risk of a drone/UAS being sucked in an engine, striking a control surface or windscreen could easily result in an aircraft being significantly damaged with a potential of loss of life resulting.


In addition to unintentional drone/UAS strikes, the risk of terrorists using a drone/UAS capable of carrying anything from 250g – 2kg of explosives is now a major worry for law enforcement and government security agencies worldwide.


Other areas of growing concern include increased runway incursions,  external and internal perimeter breaches and detecting suspicious activities around airport perimeters.   


SYMCON WASP airport solutions have been designed to integrate with existing Air Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE) to monitor and keep safe critical airport operational areas.

The WASP PPB-1000 system provides an integrated layered surveillance capability to set up Persistent Protective Barriers (PPB) and selective zonal area surveillance around and within: airport operational areas, critical airport sites, high values assets and threat points.

The system enables operators to set Alarm Zone Areas (AZA) within and outside the perimeter barrier to discriminate between: public, authorised, high alert, VIP Protection and no entry zones. Each zone can be allocated attributes which include geolocation, active zone alarm schedules and authorised personnel entry monitoring.

The system delivers a high degree of assurance and resilience against barrier breach in all weathers, day and night conditions, automatically detecting, verifying and deploying countermeasure against approaching threats. On verification of a threat the system automatically sends out alerts to security assets, initiates self-protection measures and deploys effectors to disrupt and deter entry into critical locations of intruders, vehicles, animals and drones.  

WASP continuously records all detection track information and video, providing operator tools to enable real-time rapid intelligence and video analysis to pre-empt and stop potential threats from occurring.  All system information is recorded and available to pass on to security services and to support legal prosecutions.

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Airport Intruder .png

Download: WASP PPB-1000

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