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Water Infrastructure Systems

Wide Area Surveillance and Protection of Reservoirs, Dams, Waterways and Water Supplies 


The national water infrastructure systems of any country are a vital resource which has interdependencies with a wide range of other sectors, including but not limited to:

  • The Agriculture and Food Sector for irrigation, water management  and fish farming;

  • The Transportation Systems Sector uses dams and locks to manage navigable waterways;

  • The Drinking Water and Water Treatment Systems Sector by supplying clean water to concentrated populations and commercial facilities;

  • The Energy Sector by providing water to hydropower dams;

  • The Emergency Services Sector relies on water infrastructure for firefighting, emergency water supply, and waterborne access in the event of a significant disaster.

However, there is a growing risk of a terrorist attack on water infrastructure systems which could cause significant loss of life and severe long-term economic impact. Even localise vandalism of a reservoirs or illegal dumping of contaminate waste into feeding waterways could cause massive downstream impacts to multiple sectors.


Many, governments have issued national water infrastructure protection plans to prioritise the consequence, vulnerability, and threat of terrorist and other attacks to reservoirs, dams and major waterways.  The problem is providing surveillance and protection of vast area of water and waterways in a cost effective, reliable, resilient manner.   



WASP autonomous solutions can be installed or rapidly deployed to continuously monitor vast areas of reservoirs, dams and waterways in all weather conditions, day and night.  


WASP autonomous solutions set up a virtual high security perimeter around and within a location that can detect and verify approaching land, air and sea threats.

Just one WASP radar system can monitor over 200 acres of water surface and surrounding areas of a reservoir, dam or waterway.

On detection of a threat the system automatically cues cameras to track multiple intruders, deploys appropriate counter measures including verbal warnings, high intensity flood lights and high pitch alarms.   

Remote operators are alerted and the system provides real-time threat information and full motion video of the intruders. Additional countermeasures can be deployed by the remote operators and threat information shared with deployed security assets to intercept the threat before significant adverse impact occurs.  


The WASP autonomous solutions provide a low cost wide area surveillance capability that can be rapidly installed or deployed on trailers/tripods at any location using available communications including 4G/5G and satcom networks.

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