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System Performance

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WASP performance is based on a combination of detection sensors, threat verification and timely deployment of appropriate actions / countermeasures to neutralise an approaching threat.

The WASP command control (C2) system utilise Radars, Passive Infra-Red (PIR), seismic and acoustic sensors which are correlated to generate a real-time Situation Awareness Picture (SAP). The C2 system includes automatic radar track initiation, threat alert and slew-to-track control of the available surveillance cameras.

Radar detection of a threat is within 1 second of a person entering the scan range, if the the C2 is in automatic mode, it will identify the detected threat, initiate appropriate countermeasures and deploy effectors to deter and prevent perimeter breach within 3 second of initial detection.

In parallel the C2 system sends out threat information to deployed security assets via a mobile application, providing threat intersect information and real-time continuous camera video. This provides the operator time to co-ordinate security assets and deploy effectors in a timely manner to disrupt and neutralise an approaching threat.

In the case of a drone threat, the WAS C2 system automatically optimises and manages the Radar, camera tracking and RF Jamming subsystem settings to reduce operator workload in a high tempo situation.  The WASP C2 system, in automatic mode, can initiate drone countermeasures within 3 seconds of radar detection but the operator has the option to take manual control back at any time.

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WASP Command and Control 

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