W.A.S.P System Performance

The W.A.S.P system performance is based on a combination of detection sensors; system and operator threat verification and timely deployment of appropriate actions / countermeasures to neutralise an approaching threat.


The W.A.S.P C2 system using multi-sensor fusion to correlate sensor inputs to generate a real-time Situation Awareness Picture (SAP) for the operator to rapidly orientate, identify and verify a detected threat.  This includes automatic radar track initiation, threat alert and slew-to-track control of the available surveillance cameras to provide real-time video of the threat. This enables the operator to quickly verify the threat and deploy effectors in a timely manner to disrupt and neutralise.


In the case of a drone threat, the W.A.S.P C2 system automatically optimizes and manages the Radar, camera tracking and RF Jamming subsystem settings to reduce operator workload in a high tempo situation.  The WASP C2 system, in automatic mode, can initiate drone countermeasures within 4 seconds of radar detection but the  operator has the option to take manual control back at any time.

wasp identity.png
screen shot.png