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Oil & Gas Industries

Persistent autonomous 24/7 Oil & Gas critical infrastructure surveillance and protection from ground and air threats  


Remote oil and gas facilities and pipelines are some of the most important and significant critical infrastructures for the economic stability of any country.  However, malicious and deliberate threats from terrorism and intruder’s intent on damaging or stealing petroleum products could cripple a facility or pipeline resulting in significant loss of life, economic disruption, high financial loses and serious environmental impacts to wildlife, rivers and surrounding areas.

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Credit: BBC.  2019 Mexican authorities now say at least 91 people were killed in explosion after the line was ruptured by suspected fuel thieves 

WASP autonomous solutions can be installed or rapidly deployed to continuously monitor remote pipelines and facilities in all weather, day and night conditions.  

WASP autonomous solutions set up a virtual high security perimeter along pipelines or around facilities that can detect and verify approaching land, air and sea threats.

On detection of a threat the system automatically deploys appropriate counter measures including verbal warnings, high intensity flood lights and high pitch alarms.   


Remote operators are alerted and the system provides real-time threat information and full motion video.  Additional countermeasures can be deployed by the remote operators and threat information shared with deployed security assets to intercept a threat before significant adverse impact occurs.   

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