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SR-5000D Radar

WASP SR-5000D radar is characterised by an azimuth mechanical scan (rotating) and elevation electrical scan (linear phased-array).

SR-5000D is a 3D, X-band, Pulse-Doppler very short range air defense radar system (VSHORAD):

  • Narrow beam width

  • Angular resolution, separation & accuracy

  • Low Minimum detection velocity

  • All Types Of Low Level Flying Platforms

  • Slow and fast targets

  • Detection of small RCS targets

  • Detection of drones (Multi-copter)


  • Track While Scan of more than 100 targets simultaneously

  • Extensive Built-In-Test (BIT) procedures and calibration capabilities

  • The radar performs in severe weather conditions, day and night.

radars spec photo.png
radar table.png
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