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Defence & Government 

Rapid Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) when required 


Defence and special agencies require high performance covert intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability for fast moving deployments in possible hostile locations. 

They require wide area surveillance capability in a man portable or vehicle mounted small form factor solution that can operate in all weather conditions, day and night as well as in hot dusty environments. The capability needs to be deployed rapidly, with minimal set up time and system management.



The WASP PPP-1000 Rapid Deployment Kits (RDK) is man-portable system that can be mounted on a tripod, vehicle, boat or ship.

Multiple WASP RDKs can be set up in a location, all of which automatically connect using a secure MESH network to a local or remote operator command and control node to provide surveillance and intelligence gathering capability within minutes to protect:

  • ​Access to secure locations or routes 

  • Perimeter protection of HQs, camps, airfields  and any other operational areas 

  • Covert expeditionary deployments  

WASP RDK reduces the number of resources required to secure a location, four RDKs can deliver a complete 360 degrees situational awareness capability providing advanced detection and video information on any approaching threat ranging from 1km to 15km. 

Additional RDKs can be added or moved to new locations as the situation on the ground changes without disrupting operations. Once an RDK has been deploy it operators autonomously 24/7 to provide real-time detection and video information to the command and control node.  


Vehicle mounted RDKs can be rapidly dismounted and fixed to tripods or any appropriate mounting points. 

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