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Maritime Ports are crucial to the world’s supply chains and global economy moving billions of tonnes of cargo through ports every year 


In general, maritime ports are very difficult areas to secure due to their large perimeter, multiple access points and operating 24/7 with the constant movement of cargo, vehicles, vessels and personnel.  This operational environment makes it much easier for criminal and terrorist activities to take place especially where surveillance cannot be continuously monitored.   


Threats to port security come from easily breached perimeter fencing, multiple access points from the landside, overwater and the lack of surveillance and detection capability in some areas.  Additional risks include criminal and terrorist activities taking place in nearby waters and just outside the perimeter fencing that could pose serious threats to personnel, vessels, cargo and the port.




SYMCON WASP Port solutions have been designed to integrate with existing Air Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE) to monitor and keep safe critical airport operational areas.

The WASP PPP-1000 system provides an integrated layered surveillance capability setting up a virtual Persistent Perimeter Protection (PPP) barrier around a location. Operators can set zonal surveillance areas around and within the port operational areas, critical port sites, around high values assets and threat points.

The system delivers a high degree of assurance and resilience against perimeter breach in all weathers, day and night conditions, automatically detecting, verifying and deploying countermeasure against approaching threats. On verification of a threat the system automatically alerts security assets, initiates self-protection measures and deploys effectors to disrupt and deter entry.


Learn More : WASP PPP-1000

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