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SR-1000 Perimeter Radar

SYMCON SR-1000 radar is characterised as a high resolution K-band. multi-beam solid state Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar specifically developed for persistent perimeter detection.

The multi-beam technology ensures real-time, simultaneous detection, monitoring and tracking of all moving ground targets, in day, night and all weather conditions.


The SR-1000 radar planar array that covers sectors of 90 degree and a detection range of 1km for moving human and 2km for moving vehicles. 


Key characteristics include:

  • Persistent continuous wide area surveillance

  • High accuracy with automatic and continuous multi-target detection and tracking

  • High target resolution

  • Low false alarm rate

  • High reliability


The solid-state design ensures easy installation and operation, with minimum downtime and maintenance free, delivering cost-effective long term solutions.

sr-1000 Table.png
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