W.A.S.P System

The WASP core system solution comprises of:

  • •SYMCON WASP C2 - Mission System and Operator GUI

  • •SYMCON Radars - 2D & 3D, Electronically Scanned Radar Systems

  • •Surveillance Cameras - Ultra Long Range Optical & Infra-Red Cameras

  • •SYMCON ESM – Electronic Support Measures system

  • •SYMCON RF Jammer - (300MHz - 5.8GHz & GNSS Frequencies)

systm spcifics.png

The W.A.S.P Command and Control (C2) system using multi-sensor fusion to correlate sensor inputs to provide a real-time situation awareness picture for the operator to rapidly orientate, identify, verify and counter an threats.


This includes automatic radar track initiation and slew-to-track control of the EO/IR to provide real-time video imagery of the threat.  This enables the operator to quickly identify the threat and deploy appropriate effectors in a timely manner.


The W.A.S.P C2 system also comes with pre-programmed automatic responses to threats which in the case of a drone threat can initiate RF & GNSS counter jamming within 4 seconds of the threat detection. 


W.A.S.P C2  pre-programmes can be modified in the field and automatic system responses setup for specific threats, areas, zones and sectors based on the operational need.   


The WASP System has been designed to be man-portable and easily setup in 20mins.  The WASP C2 system automatically conducts Built-In-Test (BIT) on startup and provides continuous system status while operating.