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WASP Solutions

  • Deliver an integrated layered surveillance and protective virtual barrier around airports, critical sites, high value assets and threat areas


  • Set up a protective virtual barrier and enhances existing physical security and surveillance capabilities for early threat identification


  • Deliver accurate automatic and continuous multi-target detection and threat identification within and external to the virtual barrier


  • Enable operators to set Alarm Zone Areas (AZA) 


  • Provide early detection of threats before a barrier breach or AZA and generates automatic alerts and cueing of available cameras


  • Automatically identify threats and operator verification enables early deployment of countermeasures and sharing information with security assets


  • Utilise multi-beam solid state radar sensors, integrated with electro-optic (E/O) systems, seismic & acoustic sensors


  • Have a very low detection false alarm rate in all-weather, day and night conditions


  • Have intuitive operator interface to the command & control system


  • Have a high reliability, low maintenance and life cycle costs (LCC)


  • Quickly integrate with existing Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Video Management Systems (VMS)

The WASP solutions provides an integrated layered surveillance capability to set up persistent protective electronic barriers and zonal areas around and within critical sites and threat points.

The system delivers a high degree of assurance and resilience against barrier beach in all weather, day and night conditions, automatically detecting, verifying and deploying countermeasure against an approaching threat. 


On verification of a threat the system automatically sends out alerts to security assets, initiates self-protection measures and deploys effectors to disrupt and deter entry into the critical location. 

The WASP Command and Control (C2) system provides operators a real-time situation awareness picture to identify, verify and counter approaching threats. The C2 includes automatic track initiation, automatic track recognition, slew-to-track control of the EO/IR sensor and system deployment of protection measures. 

The WASP C2 continuously records all detected track information including time, location, type identification, associated track videos and includes intelligence tools to enable real-time threat and pattern of life analysis to rapidly identify possible threats.

The WASP solutions utilise a range of detection sensors which include solid state high resolution 2D / 3D perimeter radars, cameras, seismic, passive infra-red and acoustics systems.


The WASP solutions can be either installed on fixed masts, vehicles, and maritime vessels or rapidly deployed on tripods and trailers.  The WASP solutions include interfaces to a wired network, a self-managed mobile wireless MESH network and if needed connectivity via satellite communication (SATCOM) gateway to a local, mobile or remote security controllers.   

The WASP PPP-1000 system delivers a complete security & intelligence solution for persistent wide area surveillance and internal perimeter protection for any airport, critical location, high value asset and threat location.

WASP Sensors: 

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