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WASP Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK)

The WASP Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) been designed to be man-portable surveillance system that can be mounted on a tripod, vehicle or trailer.

The WASP RDK comprises of a SR-1000 Radar, SC-1000 PTZ camera, SIU-RDK integration unit, ruggedised  laptop, SPP-12 power pack and optional vehicle power cable. 

The RDK can be set-up in about 10mins and will connector automatically to the command control laptop via either a wired or wireless network connection. Multiple RDKs can be deployed, each will automatically connect via a wireless mesh network to the WASP Command and Control (C2) system to provide  immediate surveillance capability. Additional RDKs can be added any time without disrupting operations and nodes can be moved to new locations as the situation on the ground changes.

The RDK C2 system can be local or in a remote location, as long a network connection is maintained between them. The RDK automatically conducts Built-In-Test (BIT) on startup and provides continuous system status to the C2 system while operating.

The RDK is supplied in ruggedised case to enable it to be transported quickly and rapidly deployed to provide surveillance and security around locations

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