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Correctional Facilities 

Drones dropping contraband into correctional facilities have caused prison riots and disorder 


Correctional facilities and prisons are having to continuously adapt their security solutions due to the increased availability of new technologies that are being used by criminals to breach existing security perimeters to supply contraband such as mini mobile phones, drugs and dangerous weapons into these facilities.


Commercial drones are being used to fly contraband into these facilities avoiding fencing and existing CCTV surveillance solutions. Increased supply of contraband risks both prison staff and prisoners lives as well as maintaining order.


Additionally, the size and complexity of managing correctional facilities have increased the need to continuously monitor internal locations as well as external perimeters to ensure security is maintained and illegal activities are detected early.



SYMCON WASP Persistent Protective Perimeters (PPP) solutions have been designed to integrate with existing security systems to monitor and keep safe correctional facilities and prisons.

The WASP PPP solution uses radar technology to automatically detect and track multiple drones and intruders approaching from all directions up to 1km away.

WASP enables operators to set Alarm Zone Areas (AZA) within and outside the perimeter to discriminate between: inmates authorised area, visitors areas, staff only areas, and no entry zones. Each zone can be allocated attributes which include geolocation, active zone alarm schedules and authorised personnel entry monitoring.

On detection and verification of a threat the system automatically sends out alerts to prison staffs, initiates self-protection measures and deploys effectors to disrupt and deter perimeter breaches.  

WASP continuously records all detection and video information to provide operator tools to enable real-time rapid intelligence and video analysis to pre-empt and stop potential threats from occurring.  All system information is recorded and available to pass on to security services and to support legal prosecutions.

InternalPrison .png

Operator set Alarm Zone Areas (AZA) enable discrimination between inmates, staff, visitors and intruders  

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