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W.A.S.P Surveillance and Protection Services

Protection at Exhibitions, Events and

Open Sites

  • W.A.S.P persistent perimeter protection services can be discretely deployed and set up quickly around most sites and public events to provide immediate surveillance and early detection of threats and initiate counter measures to disrupt and mitigate possible intrusions.

  • An onsite WASP control centre can be set up in an available room or in a mobile trailer.

  • WASPCloudTM application  provides mobile devices and remote security control rooms real-time threat information, video and direct communications with security assets to co-ordinate intercept of approaching threats.

  • WASP persistent perimeter protection services can be deployed quickly to provide VIP residences protection from intrudes and aerial drone surveillance

  • No physical fencing is required the WASP sensor/camera masts can be deployed on standalone mobile trailers and tripods without the need to lay cables.

  • WASP persistent perimeter protection kits can be rapidly deployed in emergency relief areas to provide surveillance and protection of camp sites and storage areas where no fencing exists.

  • Once the WASP sensor / camera masts are installed the system automatically connects using a wireless mesh network and each location can be monitored either locally or from a remote security centre. 

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