"seamlessly moving from capture to programme start-up"

Winning a bid presents new and critical challenges which if not planned for during the capture phase is the most common reason for a programme start-up/transition failing.  This has can long term  impact to future awards, companies reputation and programme execution margins.

Transition is unpredictable and often a prolonged phase while negotiations and contract details are finalized after award.  Key issues that need to be mitigated during the capture phase are:

  • Sufficient funding allocated as part of the business case to proceed with start-up activities

  • Retaining core capture team to maintain critical data and knowledge 

  • Establish clear transition agreements with partners and subcontractors 

  • Work risk mitigations early during the down time between award and start-up

Our experts have decades of experience planning programme start-ups and transition to full execution. We can support your capture team and internal business case justifications to ensure start-up and transition issues are planned resulting in customer confidence and maintaining profitability.