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Urban Surveillance


W.A.S.P Drone Protect (WDP) is an end-to-end fixed or man portable system solution that provides UAV/Drone perimeter protection through immediate threat detection, verification and a range of counters measures to neutralise UAV/Drone threats.


WDP when deployed provides a 360o layered surveillance and protection capability around critical infrastructure installations or  secure locations. It operates in all weathers, day and night conditions to detect, verify and offers a range of countermeasures including UAV/Drone datalink & GNSS jamming and taking-over control of the UAV/Drone to ensure the threat is countered before reaching a secure zone.

In the case of multiple UAV/Drone targets the WDP 3D Radar Track While Scan (TWS) capability can initiate and track 120 UAV/Drone targets simultaneously from different directions and altitudes.


The WDP RF/GNSS jammer has a point jamming function for a single UAV/Drone threat as well as an area wide jamming capability in the event of multiple UAV/drone threat detections. 


The W.A.S.P C2 system also comes with pre-programmed automatic responses which can identify and initiate RF/GNSS jamming within 4 seconds of a detected UAV/Drone threat. 

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